Blue Ridge Georgia History

The town of Blue Ridge, Georgia, first known as Allewtown, was incorporated in 1887 after the construction of the Marietta and North georgia Railroad. Blue Ridge was most aptly named for the blue haze which engulfs the surrounding North Georgia Mountains. Blue Ridge is approximately 80 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Cherokee Indians once settled along the banks of the Blue Ridge’s Toccoa River, downstream of what is now Lake Blue Ridge. The remains of a rock wall built in a V-shape across the Toccoa River are still clearly visible. Indian fishermen would stand at the center of the V where a hole in the wall carried the current and the fish into the their waiting hands. A few miles downstream, the American settlers’ copy of the fishing wall still exists as well. Both of these formations can be viewed from the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway’s Excursion Trip to Copperhill, Tennessee.

Fannin County, founded in 1854, is named in honor of war hero James Walker Fannin. In the War for Texas Independence, Fannin honorably surrendered his 400-man regiment to avoid an imminent massacre, and Fannin and many of his men were summarily executed in cold blood on March 27, 1836. This history you can watched by live tv apk.

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